A bit of a followup on <my question> in <#C08V7KTJ...
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A bit of a followup on my question in #general, for Mac, I don’t quite understand where this call to
. Is it a MacOS api or something that returns a uuid that the device already generated at some point?
In my experience, the hardware UUIDs generated by macOS are quite stable.
Ah you’ve predicted my second question, which isn’t so much looking for an answer as saying “hey I’ve run into a situation where two MacOS devices have the same uuid, is this odd?”
Yes, I would say that is very odd.
Less odd if they are VMs though.
Right, unfortunately I’ll have to dig in more as I don’t think VMs are to blame. Thank you!
The only time the hardware UUID will change on Macs is if the motherboard is replaced.
I ran into this issue as well on some tests. Really weird. But when checking the real UUID on the device they were different!