Hi team - Is there any known issue with the firefo...
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Hi team - Is there any known issue with the firefox_plugins table? I am running the query SELECT * FROM firefox_addons; on a system where it has worked previously, and it's coming back with zero results, despite verifying there are addons on the system.
Hi again @Mike S.! That's one of the tricky tables that returns results for the user that's running the query. Since `osqueryd`'s user doesn't have any Firefox add-ons, there's nothing to be return. Joining with the
table should do the trick:
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SELECT * FROM users CROSS JOIN firefox_addons USING (uid)
(All of that assuming that you're running the query through Fleet)
And there they are! I guess that's how I was pulling them previously but totally spaced on it. Thanks @Kathy Satterlee!