Hello, I just got FleetDM installed on a local Cen...
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Hello, I just got FleetDM installed on a local CentOS VM. I'm currently trying to add an Ubuntu-Desktop VM to my hosts in Fleet but am not seeing it show up in hosts after successfully installing the .deb file... Anyone happen to know what I might be doing wrong? (Screenshot of my CentOS VM w/ FleetDM's terminal)
osquery can be really picky about certificates. If this is a dev environment, the simplest way to get around that is to use the
flag when building your package. This allows Orbit to act as a proxy to bypass issues with self-signed certs. You can also pass the full certificate bundle when building the package with
--fleet-certificate <path/to/cert>
The host's Orbit logs may have some additional detail as well: https://fleetdm.com/docs/using-fleet/orbit#logs
Weird.... even after using both --insecure and giving it the absolute path to the cert. It's still unable to connect... I'm noticing that from the orbit side on the host I am trying to add, that it is getting "no route to host" as an error message and have also noticed I can't access the website GUI for it outside the VM.
Are you able to ping the server from the command line on the host?
Yep, looks like firewall rules are allowing everything too 😢
If you can't access the web UI then that's definitely going to be the issue. You'll have to figure out why the networking stack can't find a route.