Hi, I'm setting up FleetDM (v4.30.1) with a NGINX...
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Hi, I'm setting up FleetDM (v4.30.1) with a NGINX (v1.20.1) on Oracle Linux 9:
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[windows with Orbit] --(https)--> [NGINX] --(proxy_pass)--> [FleetDM]
Everything is working fine, but I'm receiving this error message:
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==> /var/log/nginx/fleet_ssl_error.log <==
2023/04/17 18:56:11 [crit] 206522#206522: *850 SSL_read() failed (SSL: error:0A000126:SSL routines::unexpected eof while reading) while keepalive, client:, server:
Should be expected a EOF from Orbit or is there some misconfiguration?
Hi @Thiago Cruz! If everything is working fine maybe it's a non-issue? Orbit and osquery continuously connect to the Fleet server and there could be occasionally network errors. That said, this particular log seems to be an error between NGINX and the Fleet server...