I recall that `osquery_schedule` is really only su...
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I recall that
is really only supposed to keep track of stats on schedule queries for the life of the osqueryd daemon. Even given that, we only see three fields filled out--name, query, interval--and everything else is 0 across tens of thousands of machines.
Is tracking this incompatible with certain configurations, possibly? Yes, I do have schedule queries looking at this table, and I've also used
--connect /var/osquery/osquery.em
in order to acces stats from osqueryd. Mostly zeroes.
The values you see are the defaults in the source. https://github.com/osquery/osquery/blob/master/osquery/tables/utility/osquery.cpp#L240 so it looks like no scheduled queries have run to change those values. That seems unlikely, I'm sure. But what
values are you seeing?
I didn't check them against the files, but at quick glance, the interval values seem correct.
We're outputting to kafka, and there's tons of results in there. I've never once seen a non-zero in that table, but for the three fields I mentioned above.
Is this a stock osquery, or something weird? I wonder if this one of the areas that fragile to being renamed.
Stock. I mean, we have configuration, but we installed from RPM distribution.
And been like this forever, least a couple years.
Assuming it’s an osquery RPM, that sounds pretty stock to me
If you can think of anything I can test, please let me know. Maybe on a test machine I'll try stopping it, wiping its database state clean, and seeing how minimal a configuration I can start it up with to see if it'll behave differently?
Would you like me to file a bug report in gitlab?