Bit of a strange one, but I was wondering if anyon...
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Bit of a strange one, but I was wondering if anyone has encountered this before. I’m running osquery 5.8.2 in my development environment. Any assistance or pointers would be greatly appreciated 😄 If I run osquery with a set of
decorators for collecting metadata from the cloudy clouds (AWS IMDS, and Azure friends), but these services are not accessible due to running on a local virtual machine during development, I have all sorts of trouble with I/O timeouts between osquery and my extension. However, If I remove the
decorator and re-run, the extension loads and works reliably. I’m a little at a loss as to why this may be, but I have a feeling it may be something to do with the IMDSv2 implementation based on the error messages 🧵
I’ve uploaded the
logs when loading osquery via
and with the relevant
decorators enabled, and then disable (there are two log entries in this paste, with the
directives listed just prior to each):
It’s a. It if a guess, but parts of osquery are single threaded. I wonder if the timing out in the coins stuff is causing osquery to drop thrift connection stuff and the socket ends up a mess
Thanks for the note! I’ll dig in to the code next week and see what I can find 🙂