Arsalan Yasin

05/05/2023, 3:45 PM
Hey, Hopefully, you are doing great. I am looking to use FleetMDM in my FYP project. I want to use this on the backend and design my own Frontend app and communicate both platforms with the APIS, So I am just looking for this to release APIS from FleetMDM what process do I have to follow, means what expertise I needed.


05/05/2023, 6:40 PM
Hey Arsalan! Fleet is designed to be usable via clickops, gitops, or any way you like with the API. You can check out Fleet's API docs here: If you're experienced building apps and integrating with REST APIs, you should have no problem talking to Fleet's API and letting it do the magic. Eric Shaw and I built a couple of apps on top of Fleet in Sails.js (one for custom vuln reporting and one for custom exploration of hosts) and I found the experience of using the API was pretty painless. Main gotcha is you need to create an API-only user and then grab their API token so you get one that doesn't expire (and to give you more control). That's covered in more detail in the docs.

Arsalan Yasin

05/05/2023, 8:15 PM
Thankyou buddy, it will really help me, Let me try this.