I've just joined this channel, so hello everyone! ...
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I've just joined this channel, so hello everyone! So I've just setup Fleet in our demo environment, created and installed the fleet agent msi on test device. the device isn't appearing in Fleet. How long does it take to appear in Fleet? Is there a way I can force a check-in? Or have I missed a step somewhere? Many thanks in advance 🙏
Hello Tung! Welcome to Fleet. I'm sorry to hear you're having an issue. Can you tell us a little more about the device that you tried to enroll? What's the version of Windows? What Fleet server version did you set up in your demo environment? Is it your personal device and is it online? Host enrollment is automatic after the fleetd installer is run on the device.
Are there any other older versions of plain osquery that may have been running on this device?
Nevermind! Fixed it! thanks for reaching out though!