Bibek Chaudhary

05/19/2023, 11:15 AM
Hello, During the installation of Osquery in Windows with a custom path, an "osquery" folder is still created in the ProgramFiles directory, containing the "Pidfile" and "Osquery.db" files. Upon examining the code, I couldn't find any exposed parameters to modify these paths during the installation process. However, after the installation is complete, it is possible to change the path of these files using the following command:
path_to_custom_osquery\osqueryd\osqueryd.exe --flagfile=path_to_custom_osquery\osquery.flags --config_path=path_to_custom_osquery\osquery.conf --logger_path=path_to_custom_osquery\log --pidfile=path_to_custom_osquery\osqueryd.pidfile --database_path=path_to_custom_osquery\osquery.db
Is there a way to modify the paths for "Pidfile" and "Osquery.db" during the installation process?