Hi! I'm trying to cross-compile to generate window...
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Hi! I'm trying to cross-compile to generate windows packages from Linux. I couldn't find any useful threads in the slack. Does anyone have successfully overcome this situation? Can someone share some resources?
Hello, this is not something the project supports or have tested. I think using mingw (https://www.mingw-w64.org/downloads/) would be the start of it, but I have no idea what’s the state. Also keep in mind that osquery has several libraries that have an hardcoded configuration that has been generated using the native compilers. It’s likely that MinGW doesn’t support all that MSVC supports, or in general the library has to be reconfigured against MinGW to work properly. This is a pretty long process… also the osquery CMake will likely need changes.
Thank you for your quick response. I already tried that, but I faced a dead end. If I dig into that and finally come up with a solution, I'll share it with you.