<@U0JFM04MS> that seems like the cmake command it'...
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@zwass that seems like the cmake command it's not being pointed to the top level CMakeLists.txt
Did the command change? I verified a few weeks ago that the exact commands in the docs work correctly.
I thought downgrading cmake to 3.21.4 which is the minimum required version would help, but it doesn't seem to.
No nothing changed, what's your current working directory when launching that command?
I'm not sure what I messed up but it seems like it's working by deleting the repo and exactly copying the commands from the docs.
Maybe the main CMakeLists.txt somehow got messed up in your repo. Like if it's not finding those directives in the file, means that they aren't there, so either the top part of the file somehow disappeared (which it would be where those directives are), or CMake has been pointed to another folder
There's also a more verbose way to be able to give that command anywhere btw, which would require to not use
and append
-B <path to build folder> -S <path to source code folder (where the top CMakeLists.txt is)>