hey <@U03TTHVPLQK>! just sanity checking before we...
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hey @Pawel B! just sanity checking before we debug further, have you configured vulnerability processing as described in the guide? https://fleetdm.com/docs/using-fleet/vulnerability-processing#configuration
Hi, already set:/
thanks for double checking, could you also verify that: 1. You have restarted your Fleet instances after you configured these settings 2. The path you set for
is writable? (for example, we have found that some cloud vendors don't make
writable by default)
i am facing same issue. I have my host up online for more than 48 hours and vulnerability tab shows --. Also the software tab is showing nothing too.
@Ojas interesting, thank you for the logs! did the UI log you out at any time? I would expect it did given those errors. Are you using Fleet v.4.18.0? if not, could you try logging out and logging in again? I will fill an issue if this happens to solve the problem
yea i am using the latest just deployed yesterday by terraform. No UI didnt not log me out. tried logout and log back in but same.
Thank @Ojas, I I will try and check with the team..
@sharvil this seems to be fixed automatically