Preview of the 5.3 changelog - Everything from 5....
# core
Preview of the 5.3 changelog • Everything from 5.2.3 • Documentation: Update the TSC members • Documentation: Remove mentions of FreeBSD platform support • Documentation: Pin Jinja2 ReadTheDocs dependency to 3.0.3 • Add windows/macOS support to npm_packages • Bug fix: move apt_sources and yum_sources tables to Linux platform only • Test tooling: Update for python3 • Flaky test fix: attempt to fix mdfind.test_sanity • Add homebrew paths to the python_packages table • Fix for gathering python packages from any user's Python installations • Mark wall_time column in osquery_schedule as hidden • Implement output_size for osquery_schedule table • Add new metrics and improve descriptions of existing ones in osquery_schedule table • Improved responsiveness behavior in osquery when connecting to broken osquery servers • Testing: Enable fuzzing and Asan on Windows, enable Asan builds on macOS • Testing: Fix the --persist option • Fix watchdog not killing unhealthy worker/extension fast enough • Build: Update cppcheck to version 2.6.3 and skip analysis for third party dependencies • Fix osquery TLS connections to AWS kinesis when tls_server_certs is set • Set string size limit on thrift protocol factory • Testing: fix cpu_info test to ensure at least 1 socket, but not assume only 1 • Fix some warnings about unrecognized special characters • Fix third-party libraries flags leaking to osquery targets • yum_sources: Include the mirrorlist URL in the table output • Add third party libraries target • Fix parsing issue when a backslash is the last character on sudoers file line • Change the JSON of the results from an event scheduled query to an array • Build: do not run clang-tidy on third party libraries • Fix globToRegex truncating UTF16 characters