Hey friends! Sorry I've largely been offline of la...
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Hey friends! Sorry I've largely been offline of late. We had another baby and I've disappeared into parental leave. That said, I'm back now, I missed today's office hours due to some meeting conflicts, but wanted to check in on the paid Slack situation. Has that been resolved? Is there anything I can do to help?
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Congrats! That's super exciting
Paid slack.... Well, do we have a problem? It's currently being paid for by Facebook. With Teddy gone I don't know when people will notice a problem. I think Kolide has been willing to step up as well.
Yeah I think that the issue is the contract is up for renewal, and sounds like there’s question about who’s going to foot said bill?
I’m still trying to sort it out as well, I have asked some folks internally but a lot of folks are still out for the holidays, was just curious if there’s anything I can do as a gateway to Meta.