Noticed something odd yesterday: Osquery v5.2.2 i...
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Noticed something odd yesterday: Osquery v5.2.2 is marked as stable/latest in both GH Releases [0] and the Project Site [1], but it looks like pre-release v5.2.3 was pushed to the S3 bucket containing hosting the apt/yum/et al repos. There is some additional details in GH Issue #7552 [2] where some folks are detailing mismatches between the repo indexes and .deb and .rpm files, leading to broken installs/updates. Any possibility for getting the pre-release version backed out of the hosted package repos until v5.2.3 is declared stable? [0] [1] [2]
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I probably accidentally pushed that to the linux repos. Not sure about the mismatch though
Oh, I think I know why there’s an mismatch — we remade 5.2.3, so if you got the index before I remade it, they’d be a mismatch
I don’t know how to back something out of stable. I don’t think it’s easily possible. Though if help with confidence, this is pretty small change. It’s expected to be stable “soon”