Hey friends -- FYI I'll be trying to get the choco...
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Hey friends -- FYI I'll be trying to get the chocolatey packages shipped in the next ~week. Apologies for my absence, I was very offline for parental leave but am picking things back up this week.
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Looking at chocolatey, I feel kind grumpy about the ever changing requirements of the packaging. And I wonder if we can just have it download and install the MSI. This looks like what firefox does, for example. https://community.chocolatey.org/packages/Firefox#files
Yeah this might be a good longer term solution
In the meantime, I believe that https://github.com/osquery/osquery-packaging/pull/20 will solve the only outstanding issue
We had all the files setup in osquery, we just needed that verification bit, and hopefully after that the pipelines will be finished for chocolatey
As for getting 5.1 and 5.2 up, hopefully I'll have it sorted this evening, I just need to patch in the verification file
So along these lines, here's another painful bit: Chocolatey requires us to specify an icon for the package. It notes explicitly to use
which is part of the (now deprecated) NuGet specifications here. However, they haven't updated to consider the
value as being deprecated. We can specify `icon`for cpack, which we do here, so when
generates our nupkg we get a valid package, however any manual attempts to create said package with chocolateys shitty tooling will result in a failed build, as it doesn't consider
valid. This hopefully wont be an issue if Chocolatey ever decides to update their shit, they in theory will adopt the latest nuspec guidlines, but if they change they're moderation requirements before that we may start failing any attempts at automated submissions.
Another idea here would be to possibly look at other Windows package distribution lines, like vcpkg or something
I don't have the context to have an opinion about what chocolatey really is or how it compares to vcpkg. My world has always been people using MSIs directly
Yeah, I think moving to a model like Mozilla is a great idea, just fetch the MSI that we have in the buckets and install using that.
I kinda think Stefano proposed something like that in the past.