hi i am performing file integrating monitoring usi...
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hi i am performing file integrating monitoring using osqueryd this is my config file { "options": { "config_plugin": "filesystem", "logger_plugin": "filesystem", "logger_path": "/var/log/osquery", "pidfile": "/var/osquery/osquery.pidfile" }, "schedule": { "file_events": { "query": "select * from file_events;", "interval": 30 } }, "file_paths": { "root": [ "/%" ] } } this is my flag file --config_plugin=filesystem --config_path=/etc/osquery/osquery.conf --logger_plugin=filesystem --logger_path=/var/log/osquery --disable_logging=false --log_result_events=true --schedule_splay_percent=10 --pidfile=/var/osquery/osquery.pidfile --events_expiry=3600 --database_path=/var/osquery/osquery.db --verbose=false --worker_threads=2 --disable_events=false --disable_audit=false --audit_allow_config=true --host_identifier=hostname --enable_syslog=true --audit_allow_sockets=true --schedule_default_interval=3600 i am using this command to run my osueryd sudo osqueryd --config_path /etc/osquery/osquery.example.conf now when i change the content of the file i created for the test purpose in the specified path to be monitored, i don't see any record in file_events table neither in log files
Hi, @zahida naeem! If that's the exact command you're using, it looks like you're missing the
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It's been pointed out to me that this likely isn't the issue here 🙂 Based on the paths you have set here:
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"file_paths": {
    "root": [
You'll only see changes in files that are directly in the root path. Is that where your test file is located?
but still i'm getting no record in file_events table
hey @zahida naeem it seems you are missing,
in your flags (sorry if it's already there and I missed it), can you also add
to turn on verbose logging in care there are any debug messages
Hi Zahida, for that test file you would need to add a % to the Downloads folder path like this
"tmp": [ "/home/slyb/Downloads/%", "/tmp/%" ]
I do see that file_event listener is been successfully added, and that it’s also executing the scheduled file_events query..
the only thing I can think of is does osquery have enough permissions to access those files? can you run osquery as root and try?
how to access those files in osquery?
you can test the permission by running
select * from file where path = $testfile
I am not sure I understand your question, but the results of that scheduled
query would be in
, is that not the case?
Hrm, I am not quite sure but here’s what I would do next to further debug/troubleshoot: • try running
as root, so that it has permission to the files you want monitored • disable all other queries and packs for now, and just schedule the file events query • make sure the file you want monitored are less than 50MB in size (or adjust with
I have 2 other steps for you 1 remove the scheduled query for file_events and trying running it manually (after deleting and recreating file) 2 check the
file under
when i run it manually i got the following error table file_events is event based but events are disabled
are you using osqueryi? you will need to pass in the same flags (disable_events=false and enable_file_events=true)
ok,I ran the osqueryi passing these flags and i got the desired result 🙂 but the problem is i'm doing it manually everytime i create or modify a file ...that's why i added this query in osquery config file so that it can be scheduled but the probelm the daeom is running this query but not storing result anywhere
so is there a way that to get the same output in log file? through daemon
Just to clarify, are you running
as root there?
any solution?
It definitely looks like it should be showing up now. Has the scheduled query triggered since making the changes? Do you get any results if you run a live query?
problem resolved🤩 i created a pack of fim and added in my config file and it works as a charm
thankyou all for your cooperation