Has anyone come across a scenario where all and/or...
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Has anyone come across a scenario where all and/or some of the queries in enabled pack do not run? But when the query that hasn't run is run one off, it returns successfully?
Hi, @Shend Saliaga! What version of Fleet are you running?
Sorry the most important detail I left out, im using the following image:
Is there any indication in the osquery logs that the queries are running? Any errors either in the Fleet server logs or the javascript console/network tab in the browsers? It would be interesting to know if it's an issue with the UI displaying data properly vs the query not executing.
I do recall an issue with Kolide Fleet where queries run one off would not display results. I dont believe this is the case however, since checking our database I dont see entries for queries that are reporting
Has not run
But ill double check browser issues tmm morning
I dont see any errors in the console
Ill check fleet server logs