I am facing the issue: Extension socket not availa...
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I am facing the issue: Extension socket not available: /var/osquery/osquery.em when try to execute below cpp program!.. int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { osquery::Initializer runner(argc, argv, ToolType::EXTENSION); auto status = startExtension("example", "0.0.1"); if (!status.ok()) { LOG(ERROR) << status.getMessage(); runner.requestShutdown(status.getCode()); }} requesting a help here
1. can you confirm that the osquery core process is running and that the extension socket is open at the location
before the extension is launched? 2. do any of the osquery example extensions work? https://github.com/osquery/osquery/tree/master/external/examples 3. we also have #extensions channel
select value from osquery_flags where name = 'extensions_socket';
confirms where the extension socket is
also make sure that both osquery and the extension are running as root or administrator, that might be an issue also there are flags like
that must be set
you see my screenshot from the xcode: Extension socket not available: