Hey folks, some end of the year thoughts on osquer...
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Hey folks, some end of the year thoughts on osquery governance: As per the charter section 2.f., the TSC may elect a TSC Chair. I propose we elect @seph to this position as he has essentially been performing the roles "preside over meetings of the TSC" and "serve as the primary communication contact [with Linux Foundation]". Can we consider adding new members to the TSC? @Stefano Bonicatti and @sharvil have both been deeply involved in the osquery efforts over the last years. Should we consider removing inactive members from the TSC? Any of the above can be approved by a majority vote of the TSC.
Early rough thoughts....
Aw, I feel honored!
Adding new members is an interesting question. Agree those two have been deeply involved. I don't know how I feel about expanding the TSC. I feel like it's a bit... under specified. I see the job of the TSC as guiding the direction of osquery. I don't know that we always succeed there. I also don't know if Stefano or Sharvil is interested in that aspect. Note that this is distinct from committers, of which I think they both long since passed that bar.
Removing inactive isn't unreasonable. I think there's one?
Sorry for the radio silence here, but I though about it a bit and even though I’m still interested in following and helping with the project development, I don’t want to put forward my nomination to the TSC membership. Thank you for considering me for that spot though.
In contrast, after I slept on it, I thought you'd make a great addition. Both you and Sharvil have really solid input on some of the directions our code base grows in. You, specifically, about a lot of broad build and compatibility issues.
Regardless, I'm overjoyed with your involvement in osquery, and hope it continues in whatever way is best for you