Not sure where this goes, but a fun update from us...
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Not sure where this goes, but a fun update from us over here at Apple. Our company has just approved our full participation for high volume code contributions to osquery. We're excited to really join the community. 🙂
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Very good to hear!!!
Super excited by this as well!
This is great news for the community, welcome to the team @Ivanlei! 🙂
Does this mean we get to see more of @thor??
Oof, that's amazing news! Thanks for sharing @Ivanlei @zwass y'all should be seeing more of me either way, as I actually left Apple and am back at Facebook heh 😄
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I intend to start contributing more but have been a bit overwhelmed with onboarding. I meant to make the last office hours but had a conflict, so wasn't able to attend, but I hope I can get more involved!
Ahh, very interesting developments all around 🙂
how do i actually learn more about when foundation meets and possibly get involved?
We have #officehours! Every other Tuesday
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@Ivanlei Welcome! I’m really glad to see Apple aboard. That’s just so exciting.
We’re pretty casual about a lot of things. Chat here, chat at office hours. That’s mostly it? I’d be happy to setup a time to talk if you like.
I expect you’ll want to setup a corporate CLA too