Spoke to someone at the LF about transferring osqu...
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Spoke to someone at the LF about transferring osquery-go into the osquery foundation. Will put notes in an issue. It should be straight forward, but there is a wrinle
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For the curious, the wrinkle is that it’s an MIT license, and that the CLA does not allow relicensing.
So we can either decide to accept it as is. (requires TSC approval, since it’s not apache) Or contact people to relicense. Or both.
what’s the downside of keeping the MIT license?
I think long term confusion by having multiple licenses. Not really a big deal.
But I think it's reasonable to accept with MIT, and the. Find the <10 to relicense
my one not-so-serious comment was going to be that just because the repo is in the osquery org on github, it doesn’t have to belong to the osquery foundation.
it totally should if all the stars align correctly 🙂
At some level, it’s OSS. The repo can move around with no real changes. Copyright remains as it is