Hi friends! I have this weird issue where if I try...
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Hi friends! I have this weird issue where if I try to enable all the query packs in Fleet, I get a green box pop up that says
successfully enabled scheduled packs
but when I check the 'schedule' tab it does not show any of the queries from the packs in the scheduled queries list 🤔 I checked
file on my Fleet host and it's empty. Anyone encountered this before? Any ideas on what the problem and the solution might be?
In case you are wondering, the
query is something I enabled manually outside of the packs
Also checked
that kept seems to keep logging
"message":"Error executing distributed query: fleet_detail_query_munki_info: no such table: munki_info"
but this Slack thread from 2021 suggests it might not be an issue. 🙂
You can think of "schedule" as a special, simpler pack (automatically targeted to all devices, or devices on teams if you have Fleet Premium). It looks like your queries in packs aren't running because those packs are not yet targeted to any hosts (see "Hosts" column).
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oh got it! ... how do I target all packs to all hosts?
nevermind figured. Looks like it will need to by set by clicking on each pack individually. 🙂 Thanks!