09/14/2022, 8:02 PM
I guess I’m going to hit up the information booth and tell Eventbrite the event wasn't where it was advertised and I need a refund if they still don't know about the event 😦
8:16 PM
Observatory/gallery in the back
Tyson Supasatit

Tyson Supasatit

09/14/2022, 8:17 PM
Sorry, @ag4ve ... the Exploratorium takes up three piers and the osquery@scale event is at the end of pier 16, I believe. It is hard to find the location. Hope you made it.


09/14/2022, 8:21 PM
Timely - thanks - the people in the exploratorium didn't know when I asked before lunch and obviously no one answered here before now and most events have a sign or two, so I think my concern was warranted


09/14/2022, 9:22 PM
It is not a formal osquery event. It’s a conference held by a vendor, who is mostly absent from this slack. While many people here may attend, they probably won’t be online