01/25/2022, 10:52 AM
Hey, I am facing a issue in windows deployment. I used same setting for linux and it works fine.  .\osqueryd.exe --flagfile=“C:\Program Files\osquery\osquery.flags” --tls_dump W0125 08:13:21.274359 4444 tls.cpp:101] Cannot read TLS server certificate(s): fleet.pem W0125 08:13:21.368111 4444 tls_enroll.cpp:101] Failed enrollment request to <domain> (Request error: certificate verify failed) retrying...
Also this one: W0125 12:20:25.299731 3668 decorators.cpp:223] Invalid decorator interval rate 3600 configuration in config source: tls_plugin I0125 12:20:26.690307 3668 dispatcher.cpp:78] Adding new service: TLSLogForwarder (0000011D66501950) to thread: 4060 (0000011D6655B670) in process 3904 E0125 12:20:26.690307 3668 shutdown.cpp:79] Cannot activate tls,filesystem logger plugin: Could not create file: \Program Files\osquery\log\osqueryd.results.log