hi all! is there any doc/demonstration about how O...
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hi all! is there any doc/demonstration about how OSquery enrollment for TLS communication works? like how are the secret file and certificates verified, etc.?
there's just this https://osquery.readthedocs.io/en/latest/deployment/remote/#simple-shared-secret-enrollment but if you have specific questions maybe they can be answered here
oh I think this answers my question, but just to be sure, when osquery provides the correct enrollment secret to the server, the server sends a
back, right? which means that the validation was successful?
and the node_key can be used for future authentication too as I understand
@Stefano Bonicatti do you know? I'm not that familiar with this part
Yes, it’s correct; also if the node key sent back to the server by osquery is incorrect, osquery then receives a response with
node_invalid: true
and will attempt to re-enroll
oh alright Thanks a lot for your help guys! 😄