Hey everyone wrote about the purpose of osquery ...
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Hey everyone wrote about the purpose of osquery https://dominuskelvin.dev/blog/the-purpose-of-osquery
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This is a topic I was recently thinking about too. How about you? How are you using osquery
I think the biggest value add for osquery is operations at scale and gaining insights recently onboarded the corp eng team onto osquery and items like confirming MDM enrollment , application installs and rough performance metrics has been really good for them. Especially items which other solutions don't care about
For example I can say that our latest version of AV we deployed has on average a 3% lower CPU utilisation over the previous version at the same sample size and rate which is a sample per 10 minutes
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I tend to want to focus on the every day developer as opposed to large corporations at the moment. I want to see how osquery can be useful and integral to my day to day software development
As testimony I have stated how osquery helped me discovered a forgotten mysql daemon hogging memory.
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