# fleet


09/26/2022, 11:06 AM
Anyone who has configure osquery to send results to s3? can we have a call? below is my config and still results are not flowing into aws 😐 config: spec: host_settings: enable_software_inventory: true vulnerability_settings: databases_path: /tmp/ options: host_identifier: hostname schedule_splay_percent: 10 logger_plugin: aws_kinesis,aws_firehose aws_kinesis_stream: fleetosquery**** aws_firehose_stream: fleetosquery*** aws_access_key_id: ********* aws_secret_access_key: ********* aws_region: eu-west-2 disable_carver: false pack_delimiter: / proxy_hostname: ** carver_block_size: 2097152 logger_tls_period: 10 distributed_plugin: tls disable_distributed: false logger_tls_endpoint: /api/osquery/log distributed_interval: 10 carver_start_endpoint: /api/v1/osquery/carve/begin carver_disable_function: false carver_continue_endpoint: /api/v1/osquery/carve/block distributed_tls_max_attempts: 3 schedule: time: query: SELECT * FROM time; interval: 2 removed: false osquery: osquery_result_log_plugin: kinesis osquery_status_log_plugin: kinesis decorators: load: - SELECT uuid AS host_uuid FROM system_info; - SELECT hostname AS hostname FROM system_info; overrides: {}

Kathy Satterlee

09/26/2022, 3:45 PM
That's a great idea! You're close here, just need those options in the correct place (inside