09/26/2021, 6:57 PM
can you try again with --verbose? may print some additional information


09/26/2021, 9:49 PM
running with verbose
puffycid@puffycids-MBP Darwin % ./osqueryd --database_dump --verbose --database_path=outDb2/
I0926 17:49:05.206121 374853120 init.cpp:357] osquery initialized [version=4.9.0]
I0926 17:49:05.206904 374853120 extensions.cpp:453] Could not autoload extensions: Cannot open file for reading: /var/osquery/extensions.load
I0926 17:49:05.207926 374853120 rocksdb.cpp:132] Opening RocksDB handle: outDb2/
I0926 17:49:05.222323 374853120 init.cpp:568] An error occurred during extension manager startup: Extensions disabled
I0926 17:49:05.222375 374853120 auto_constructed_tables.cpp:97] Removing stale ATC entries
configurations[results_version]: 2
I0926 17:49:05.225126 374853120 dispatcher.cpp:149] Thread: 0x11657ce00 requesting a stop
I0926 17:49:05.225153 374853120 dispatcher.cpp:122] Thread: 0x11657ce00 requesting a join
I0926 17:49:05.225167 374853120 dispatcher.cpp:144] Services and threads have been cleared