<!here> Iโ€™m incredibly pleased to announce that 5....
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<!here> Iโ€™m incredibly pleased to announce that 5.0.1 is stable on github. This release has several exciting changes, as well as some breaking ones. ๐ŸŽ‰
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Hello https://osquery.io/downloads/official/ still points to 4.9.0 as being the official latest, my ubuntu agents did update to 5.0.1 via the repo.
Hey @Mystery Incorporated, website update is still a manual change right now, and there is already a PR up for it
ok thanks
Who maintains the Chocolatey package? It looks like 4.9.0 never got uploaded.
Pretty sure Chocolatey is a manual upload. @thor?
Yeah it is, Iโ€™ll get on that today and try to get the packages caught up thanks for the ping @wtheaker !
ty 2
4.9.0 is up, Iโ€™ll work on 5.0.1 tonight. It should be a little easier due to some changes we made before the 5 cut. I think thereโ€™s one last issue with how we generate the Choco packages, but we are super close to what is generated as part of our build pipeline can just be directly submitted
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