what does the `'c` kindof-suffix represent?
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what does the
kindof-suffix represent?
= case insensitive
mdfind syntax:
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&& = AND
 || = OR
 * = Wildcard symbol
 'string'c = Case insensitive (eg. 'StRiNg' == 'string'c)
 'string'd = Diacritical Mark Insensitive (eg. 'śtrîñg' == 'string'd)
you can also stack case and diacritical insensitivity
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'StRîñg' == 'string'cd
though the diacritical marks are usually less of an issue unless dealing with a substantially international install-base
and I was thinking NSPredicate was hard to interact with, it makes sense mdfind would have this stuff but I swear I've never seen a reference cover it before