Does anyone here have links from where I can downl...
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Does anyone here have links from where I can download bare package of osquery which gives me osqueryd of version 4.7.0 , 4.8.0 after I unzip it. PS: I need it for Mac and currently I can only get it for 5.0.1 and not even 5.0.0 and 4.9.0, I mean I have to build it so, that is the problem.
m Choose your version in the dropdown box @Madhur Jodhwani
Or look at the github releases.
Either way, you may have to extract from the
Yeah, like I want an osqueryd.exe file on my mac after installing them and that is the problem
installing the packages doesn't give me that
Any other idea on how to do it.
I’m confused. Installing the package should get you the executable. It will also get you other things.
Regardless. If you don’t want to install the package, don’t. Extract what you want from it instead