Hi, any idea whats wrong on MacOS (Catalina, Intel...
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Hi, any idea whats wrong on MacOS (Catalina, Intel) when trying to build the "orbit" pkg?
go version go1.17 darwin/amd64
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➜  orbit git:(main) go run ./cmd/package --type=pkg --fleet-url=localhost:1337 --insecure --enroll-secret=SomeThingSecret --debug
2021-09-02T12:32:42+02:00 DBG created temp dir path=/var/folders/sj/yjq11f9d18q16_gt1xjz61gr0000gp/T/orbit-package3229585214
2021-09-02T12:32:42+02:00 FTL package failed error="create root dir: Path /var/folders/sj/yjq11f9d18q16_gt1xjz61gr0000gp/T/orbit-package3229585214 already exists with mode 20000000700 instead of the expected 20000000755"
exit status 1
#fleet is better place for this question
We have an open PR that fixes that issue https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/pull/1802
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