Hi everyone. I have a newbie question about creati...
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Hi everyone. I have a newbie question about creating a table. I followed the instructions to create a simple uptime table (I called test). At the end of the building process, I got this error : no rule to build the target " ../specs/test.table", needed for "specs/native/test.cpp". I created 2 files : test.table file and put it in osquery/specs/linux/; and test.cpp and put it in osquery/osquery/tables/utility/. I also added : test.cpp line in the function generateTablesUtilityUtilitytable() in osquery/osquery/tables/utility/CMakeLists.txt; and added android.table line in the function generateNativeTables() in osquery/specs/CMakeLists.txt. I don't see where is the problem here. Why the rule is not found?
Can you show the full build error log? Then, you talk about a
but also an
and, by the description, it seems you haven't put both in all the same places? Or it's just a "typo" and they are the same table?
Also you say that you added the table in generateNativeTables, but where exactly? Can you show us the code?
TBH I always grep the code base for another table to make sure I get all the cmake corrections.
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Ok thanks for the advice, I think I will do this afterward
Sorry, it is in french
Yes there is no android.table at all, I made of mistake. Just 2 files : osquery/specs/linux/test.table and osquery/osquery/tables/utility/test.cpp
Ah I see now. The table doesn't have the correct path. Putting only the name it means the path prefixed to it is the folder where the CMakeLists.txt currently resides, so under the
folder, but the table is under
. So you should put it as
. Additionally, that table is not really platform independent, so you might want to put it in the Linux branch below
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I guess we should be adding a check that verifies that a file exists at that path, to avoid having an error much later
Sorry with "Linux branch" I mean, in the
variable, with the format you can see we use for the other tables that are Linux only.
Ok I see. So I put it in platform_dependent_spec_files() like this "linux/test.table:linux" in the file osquery/specs/CMakeLists.txt
yes! :)
I m building now. Thank you for the quick answers !
Now I have this error message : "Table description must end with a period !"
Yeah that's referred to the content of the test.table file
It is fine now but I had to start from an existing table and I modified it. I still don't know why I got the last errors. Thank you @Stefano Bonicatti and @seph
The description of the table, "My first table" was missing a final period/dot. Should've been "My first table."
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Ok ! That's evil!!
Evil? It’s meant to be english… Is there a way the error should have been clearer?
I meant this was really tricky, or "the devil is in the detail"
Ah, yes… I always end up looking up a prior works so I remember all the details.