Hi , When I query the process_file_events table in...
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Hi , When I query the process_file_events table in osquery 4.7 and 4.8 I see the following error displayed E0611 210245.777830 4057 eventsubscriberplugin.cpp:700] Found 9 invalid events (9 have been successfully erased) This was working in osquery 4.6. Anyone know the root cause and is there any workaround?
On debugging , found out that the entries are being added to the database properly. When we used the getDatabaseValues API we were able to see the entries , however when we execute a query which calls the genTable implementation we saw that the key used was wrong.
@alessandrogario any thoughts?
That should only happen when the value from the database is either empty or contains data that can't be deserialized
Uhm we should add the reason the rows were invalid in the log
After adding some logs could find out the following : Value of the key for process_file_events table is - data..0000000015 Value of the key for process_events_table which also uses audit and the same flow is hit -  data.auditeventpublisher.process_events.0000000002   The key is fetched in the following manner in generateRows() function : auto key = databaseKeyForEventId(context, event_identifier);
I was able to print the values in the DB in the addBatch function after the rows are added using the getDatabaseValue function and I was able to see the events. Output is below : {"auid":"1000","cwd":"","egid":"1000","eid":"0000000009","euid":"1000","executable":"/usr/bin/vim.basic","fsgid":"1000","fsuid":"1000","gid":"1000","operation":"close","partial":"false","path":"/home/appsadm/EDR/hello1","pid":"19074","ppid":"19021","sgid":"1000","suid":"1000","time":"1624353375","uid":"1000","uptime":"4762944"}