Is there somewhere I can track the conversation go...
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Is there somewhere I can track the conversation going on around the contents of this blog post?
@Bradley Kemp
Also I think it was discussed at office hours
Hi 👋🏻 I DMed @alessandrogario (as a member of the Technical Steering Committee) about it back in November and yes he said it was discussed in office hours on the ~24th November. The main concern I think was the change of path being a breaking change if anyone was relying on it.
Office hours video

if anyone wants to look for it. I wasn't able to make it, so not sure exactly when to find it.
Thanks. Timestamped link to what I think is the first mention:

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This seems to all be about 'where else to go' and moving AWAY from /usr/local is definitely a good call (the path doesn't even exist on a default system) but I seem to be WAY behind on what's in store for osquery5