Does anyone have a bash script (macOS/Linux) and/o...
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Does anyone have a bash script (macOS/Linux) and/or powershell/batch script that updates osquery endpoints with a flagfile I ran the "newer" exe and it still didn't update.
I ran the “newer” exe and it still didn’t update.
What does this mean?
Ooops. I meant the .msi
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powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "Invoke-WebRequest <> -OutFile C:\windows\temp\osquery.msi"
C:\windows\temp\osquery.msi /quiet
The current installation is 4.5.0 Trying to manually update one agent for 4.7.0 I'd like to do this via group policy scripts on some endpoints. @seph
I’m not an expert window admin — so that’s running the msi in quiet mode, right? Did it actually install?
I doubt there’s any restart there, so there may well be a new osquery on disk, but you need to restart it. (maybe?)
I don’t know if the MSI overwrites the config or flags file. So that’s something to check
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From a powershell, you can invoke
osqueryd.exe --version
to see what the version on disk is
Oh, wait… Windows doesn’t let you replace an open file. And the service manager has osqueryd.exe open. So there’s some chance an MSI install will fail. Also worth trying without
and seeing what it does.
(sorry for the stream of thought)
Thanks for the response! No worries. I actually had similar thoughts. I have to do the same on a few linux boxes too. Similar concept except bash. @seph
linux and macos are different, in that you can replace a binary that’s open. Windows won’t let you
But I don’t know if the osquery MSI stops the service first, or is generally flagged as upgradable