I hope to see a lot of folks at osquery@scale in a...
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I hope to see a lot of folks at osquery@scale in a few weeks. My plan is to give a short live talk followed by a Q/A on Wednesday afternoon. The talk is something a little different than what I am used to, so I hope it works out. My goal is to recap how development principles and guidelines lead to the most successful and most challenging parts of osquery. Big kudos to Mike, the creator of osquery, whom established the initial vision and these principles. The talk take aways should include my thoughts on how we continue to grow, and how you can set up your own projects and initiatives for success.
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@theopolis - the event page doesn't have timezone info. Can you confirm what timezone that schedule is in?
The event homepage schedule is featuring times that are in EST. When you access the virtual event platform (which goes live on 1/18) times should be adjusted based on the attendees timezone.
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Did anyone get those promo's working? I tried both osqueryslack and osqueryslackfree and they both say invalid
maybe i'm just way too late. 🙂