HI guys, I'm kinda new in osquery and fleetdm. I'v...
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HI guys, I'm kinda new in osquery and fleetdm. I've tried to set up the fleet server and I've just added some hosts using osqueryd command. Now I'm trying to use the kolide launcher without a TUF server (in the docs Notary is the suggested one). Can I add a new host using only the launcher without the TUF server as a osqueryd "wrapper"? I'm trying to use it but osqueryd doesn't start. This is the error that it gives to me:
"caller":"launcher.go:125","err":"launching osquery instance: starting instance: could not create extension manager server at /tmp/087732583/osquery.sock: waiting for unix socket to be available: /tmp/087732583/osquery.sock: context deadline exceeded","msg":"interrupted","severity":"info","ts":"2020-12-30T10:34:58.929634Z"
(if more informations are needed I can post here the whole log that that I get after the launch command)
I’ve just solved the issue. Ownership of the file osquery-exentension.ext wasn’t ok, it must be owned by a root account
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@Bacarus Thanks for sharing your fix! We could use a better error message here @zwass something to consider re orbit
There's another log line a couple up from that with the osquery error. Which, while still obscure, is a bit more understandable.
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The TUF server is used for the update functionality. You can leave auto update off, or it defaults to the kolide servers.
@mikermcneil maybe you can add a tip in the documentation of the launcher. I’ve found that fix studying the osquery documentation (the extension part)
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