can anybody please help me how to integrate osquer...
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can anybody please help me how to integrate osquery with ELK stack. It's urgent.
There is an example here, using fleetdm:
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HI, I want integrate the ELK stack with Osquery.. For that i have followed the Osquery documentation( Even after completing the configuration i didn't get the fields in kibana. Please let me know how to get and confirm Whether this logstash integration will support in Windows Platform. Since i am using the Windows platform?
@bhuvaneswari I also see you have opened two GitHub issues related to this question. Please be patient and please do not ask the same questions in multiple places until you have given folks enough time to ask clarifying questions and understand more about your situtation.
People are trying to help you but you are not acknowledging their questions or help. This makes it very challenging to resolve your problem.
@bhuvaneswari I would also ask that you not DM people the same question over and over - this is not an acceptable way to ask for assistance.