Hi, is anyone here using osquery on FreeBSD? The p...
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Hi, is anyone here using osquery on FreeBSD? The pkg/port has been broken due to broken rocksdb-list dependency. Wondering if anyone here knows any more about it or has a work around.
We have lost FreeBSD support during the old Facebook team -> new Facebook team transition when they rewrote everything changing the build system from CMake + homebrew to Buck
osquery has then been moved to the linux foundation and we restored CMake
I would still like to add FreeBSD support back, but it's currently missing 😞
Same, such a big loss. Hopefully it comes back some day. Thanks.
I think the missing ingredient here is a volunteer who knows FreeBSD, whom can make the changes to the new build system to restore support. If you know anyone looking for a FreeBSD side project, send them our way!
Yeah, I think the biggest issue right now is that we have no way to setup the CI for that OS
otherwise we would have tried to restore it