<@U011VJH3420> This data is not available via the...
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@Artem This data is not available via the core osquery project but the information can be obtained via an extension, for example if you are using Kolide's launcher extension you can query the
table and look for the values associated with the following keys:
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One thing to keep in mind on Linux is you will need to consider not only the distribution (eg. ubuntu) but also the primary window manager (eg. gnome). If someone is not running Gnome, the keys listed above will not be representative of the effective configuration on the device.
@fritz thank you for answer! We are testing launcher now, so we will pay special attention to it. Did I understand correctly that at the moment we can get such information in Ubuntu only in the Gnome desktop environment? But what about other Linux distributions? Centos? Native debian?
If users of those other distributions have configured gnome as their primary desktop manager then you should be able to query that info using the aforementioned table.
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@fritz thanks again for the clarification! Got you!