Hello everyone. I have a question on the watchdog...
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Hello everyone. I have a question on the watchdog defaults. The docs have: The level limits are as follows: Memory: default 200M, restrictive 100M CPU: default 25% (for 9 seconds), restrictive 18% (for 9 seconds) However, the osquery at scale presentation that zwass gave had different values (for CPU). • Default settings: “normal” • CPU - Over 10% for up to 12 secondsMemory - Up to 200MB • --watchdog_level=1: “restrictive” • CPU - Over 5% for up to 6 secondsMemory - Up to 100MB Those are pretty significant differences for CPU so I'd like to verify the defaults. Thanks!
I will go with what's officially documented then. Anyone happen to know if this is 18/25% of a single core?