HI Failed run osqueryd on OS Windows 10 C:\Window...
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HI Failed run osqueryd on OS Windows 10 C:\Windows\system32>sc.exe qc osqueryd [SC] QueryServiceConfig: успех Имя_службы: osqueryd Тип : 10 WIN32_OWN_PROCESS Тип_запуска : 2 AUTO_START Управление_ошибками : 1 NORMAL Имя_двоичного_файла : C:\ProgramData\osquery\osqueryd\osqueryd.exe --flagfile="C:\ProgramData\osquery\osquery.flags" Группа_запуска : Тег : 0 Выводимое_имя : osqueryd Зависимости : Начальное_имя_службы : LocalSystem
hi, that looks strange, osquery should be located in "Program Files" not in "ProgramData", that probably something quite old. You can also try to start it using cmd with admin rights to check what might be wrong with osqueryd. But firstly I would recommend to install one of the latest osquery versions, you can find it here - https://osquery.io/downloads/official/4.5.0
HI @ihor (говоришь по русски ?) reinstall osquery in ProgramFile and service run