When installing through the msi, there was osquery...
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When installing through the msi, there was osqueryd and osqueri available to run however when I build it, I cant run the service or find them
When you build it you will find those in
Thank you for your reply, I tried running it however I got this:
G:\osquery\build\osquery\RelWithDebInfo>.\osqueryd.exe E0921 162119.682631 33404 shutdown.cpp:69] [Ref #1382] osqueryd has unsafe permissions: G:\osquery\build\osquery\RelWithDebInfo\osqueryd.exe
Is it some permission error?
Yeah, you can look at how the permissions are set up in the MSI installer to see what "safe" permissions look like. If you just want to get it to run during development you can add the
Thank you, I made it work 🙂