that doesn't make sense to me, is osquery actually...
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that doesn't make sense to me, is osquery actually keeping track here, or is the way I'm running the query incorrect?
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I think that since you're just running
osqueryi --json "select * from osquery_schedule;"
, you don't actually have any queries scheduled. You'd also have to pass a config file with the scheduled queries to osqueryi (or tls config) and wait for it to execute those queries before you get data on scheduled query execution.
You probably want to schedule a query to regularly pull data from the
That doesn't make any sense though, how would I pass a config to osqueryi? and these scheduled queries do run
right, but they're running somewhere else, e.g., through osqueryd
and you have an entirely-separate entity, osqueryi, that you're asking to tell you about scheduled queries
and it can't tell you about scheduled queries for osqueryd afaik
you can pass a config to osqueryi the same* way you do to osqueryd, it's a symlink and mostly the flags are the same (* except if you need to like... enable events and such)
I'll give it a shot thanks
shouldn't this give some output?
sudo osqueryi --profile 2 --profile-delay 1 "select * from users;" --json
I don't think it should give output unless the query fails due to an error.
that's fair.
btw I'm not super familiar with the profiling code, that was based on a quick glance at
after grepping for
Also, a while back someone suggested having a
osqueryi --connect /path/to/osqueryd/extension/socket.em
such that you could inspect the runtime status of an
process. It sounds like that would be helpful here.
This feature does not exist, it was only suggested.