as for cpuid ... should I completely remove creati...
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as for cpuid ... should I completely remove creation of the table ? currently I think we create an empty onne ...
I swear we talked about this case in office hours, but my minutes are unclear. For the tables that you can’t create we should create a ticket for followup. I’m less sure if we should create a noop table that returns no rows, this would allow for better cross platform compatibility. Or no table and let it throw an error. I might vote for noops and tickets
"noops and tickets" what do you mean ?
Artemis original patch created an empty table, I found it simpler/cleaner to just not build the thing at all
but I can revert back to what he did
Ah .. "ticket" you mean open a github issue ?
Yes, open an github issue. (I think of it as a ticketing system, so blur those words)
I think if it’s easier for you to not build it, that’s probably fine? Like, this is iterative. Better to get a simple thing in, and build on it
If you can, please drop the tickets into or do something so we can find them and work with them en-mass
Ok, will do later today, thanks