Hi guys, When I tried to run ```EXISTS(SELECT size...
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Hi guys, When I tried to run
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EXISTS(SELECT size from file where path = '/tmp/et.txt')
I get this error : "Error: near "EXISTS": syntax error" Maybe do you have a different solution instead of "EXISTS" ?
Osquery uses SQLite as the underlying engine. So whatever works there will work. What is exists supposed to do?
I want to know if file EXISTS
Likewise you could write:
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SELECT 'true' AS is_present FROM file WHERE path = '/tmp/et.txt'
If you wanted to return a boolean row both when the file was present/missing you could employ
logic as follows:
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SELECT CASE WHEN (SELECT 1 FROM file WHERE path = '/tmp/et.txt') THEN 'true' ELSE 'false' END AS file_present
Great idea ! Thanks again