Hi everyone. Have anybody seen or create a query a...
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Hi everyone. Have anybody seen or create a query able to perform geolocation? either by querying an external source or pointing a range of IPs? Thank you
There are some tables that have information that can be used for geolocation. wifi ssids, for example. Though I also think that one has gone through some changes on what apple exposes.
IP addresses are a bit weirder. osquery only has access to what the machine thinks it’s IP address is. not what the external IP of any NAT interfaces are.
So either you have a server that looks at inbound connections, you use the curl table to hit something, or you can’t reliably get external IP
You could hit an API like this to get the public IP:
I discuss a strategy like the one suggested by @defensivedepth in https://dactiv.llc/blog/locate-assets-with-osquery/
Thank you gentleman. This was super helpful. Much appreciated.