:wave: one of our user have an issue with performa...
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đź‘‹ one of our user have an issue with performance spike and a recurrent log
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Jun 22 12:35:33 xxxxxxx osqueryd[198]: osqueryd worker (82507) stopping: Memory limits exceeded: 222240768
I may have determined that this is linked to his bash history (
SELECT * from users JOIN shell_history using (uid);
) because when we move it somewhere else and create a new one, the log doesn’t appear again. His history is 4.5MB, I don’t know if it’s too big (guess not but saying it just in case). Any thing we try to do to find the root cause without deleting his all history ?
Hi @Daisukixci, I looked into this and I think I have a solution for the memory impact of
. https://github.com/osquery/osquery/pull/6541
Hi, Thanks, gonna test it and provide feedback.
Hi it improves the situation a lot. No more memory exceed errors